What are your plans for switching to disk brakes on your road bike?

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Past Questions of the Week

What percentage of your cycling-related purchases (not including bikes) do you make at a local bike shop?

You are riding along and suddenly are menaced by a dog (or dogs). What do you do?

Which of the following cycling products would you most like to see?

How long have you been considered a cycling elder or coach?

Have You Ever Crashed? If So, What Type of Crash(es) Have You Had?

Do you ever take an NSAID such as Ibuprofen to reduce muscle soreness?

Do You Use a Seat Bag or Other Carrying Device? Or Not?

Do you strength train to slow the loss of muscle and bone strength?

Have You Ever Injured Yourself from Pushing Too Hard, Too Soon, or Too Much?

Do you jump in and fix bikes if fellow riders break down on the road?

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