they said it reminds them of Austria

It is so difficult thinking of a title for a post.  You’d like one to be clever and fit the the content of your post.  I can’t think of one today.  All I can think of is that our clients said their new bathroom reminds them of their bathroom when they lived in Austria in the early years of their marriage.

here is the new bathroom:


It is a tad more modern than our personal tastes and pushed us a bit out of our comfort zone (which is so good!)

When there is a good thing going on with good clients, we can really have fun.


Here I am with our client (I am also her’s)  I was done with my ombre.  Not that I was trying for ombre, just lazy and busy.

Do you not tell everything to your stylist?  I feel like she knows more about me than about anyone.  And sometimes she will book me as her last client of the day and we will walk outside, sit on the curb and drink a plastic glass of wine that we grabbed at Kroger.

Then she gets to vent a little.  We sit for a long time (I have a lot of hair to bleach) and talk about men and God and kids.  I may only see her three or four times a year, but three or four really good times can make a real friend.  I’d take it over a million half-ass ones.


This woman is awesome.  She would kill me if she knew I posted this.  Lucky for me she hasn’t read the first blog.


I can’t wait to share more pictures with you.  I will…

We are working on some good projects–almost all renovations.  (3 kitchens!)

These pictures are by Jennifer Kesler



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  1. Getting out of our comfort zone is always a challenge, but you ladies handled this one beautifully! love that bathroom, can’t wait to see more and of course your other projects. :-)

  2. Love the sheets in that last photo – so fun and what a beautiful room!


  3. What beautiful spaces you are creating. I always love when you write about life – you have such a laid back & simple way of looking at things I admire!

  4. I REALLY like that bathroom! For me its just right.. a bit of modern with a bit of an organic and soft feel

  5. Vicki :

    Okay, this is from your biggest fan…you guys just rock it out of the park EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.!!!!

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