old client, new bathroom

She’s not old really.  An old soul, perhaps….but young in spirit.

Maybe former client is a better adjective.


Emily Followill photo

Last year, she (they) allowed us into their  home to transform the powder room, kitchen and keeping room.

photo-39Emily Followill photo

kitchen-1-e1318552425255Jennifer Kesler photo

Monday, Daniel and his crew are beginning the transformation of their master bedroom and bathroom.

Like most of us, the bedroom is the neglected room.  It should be the first room we make lovely, instead, though, it is usually a dumping ground for laundry and stacks of stuff we move out of sight when company is on their way.

It has good bones:  a modern poster bed, a nice view and amazing original paintings.

These are the only items staying.


What the room really lacks?  storage, lighting, and hardwood floors.  Daniel is going to continue the oak boards into the bedroom and do his best to match the stain.







Our plan for this room?  Continue the same feel from the kitchen and other bath–a bit untraditional, a bit rustic, a bit modern.

Some images that inspire us:


Restoration Hardware



Braithwaite Design featured in Cottage Living


a peaceful, beautiful bedroom by Amy D. Morris

We are totally copying her tone-on-tone drapery by the way.  Isn’t it elegant?



And the rustic–a white rolling barn door.  We are planning to increase the size of her door opening.  (I should say “they”–but, truly, this is one husband who totally allows her to call the shots–design shots anyway.)

Yes, they are super-trendy.  But they are still so cool.  She didn’t have many requests on her “must have” list, but this is one of them.  You have to make your clients happy :)


For the bath?

It is your standard 1980s special:  builder-grade cabinetry, white tile and a separate vanity area (carpeted, of course!)


In all honesty, I see what designers were going for in this decade.  It does make sense to have a private area to bathe and potty and another area to primp and brush your teeth.  It does make sense I think.

However, what this dark bathroom doesn’t need right now is another wall to block out the light.  We are hoping new windows will fit in the budget, but if they don’t at least this wall is going.

What else is going?  The garden tub.


They never use it and it takes up 50% of the space.

We begged and pleased (for resale’s sake) to add the frameless glass walk-in shower they desire AND a tub, but they didn’t bite.  They have no plans on moving and could care less about a tub.  Good for them, though.  Why not make it your dream bath if you’re planning to stay?


photo-124The current shower (on the left above) will either be a closet or open shelving for storage.

Our inspiration for the bathroom?

a study in contrasts:  dark slate flooring, light tile & dark grout (like the kitchen)


Picture charcoal here instead of green (unknown credit)


The warm, modern feel of this bath (unknown source)

281615782918490502_Ni9pTp7Q_cdark & light (another unknown source)

b35e947269f74a5a0300b3c91ee3d887frameless glass shower

mod vanity:l05853


exposed shower fittings:41L-qkRH44L

We are excited to show you the finished space–hopefully very soon.

Other news:

If you are near Atlanta please visit the Cathedral Antiques Show.  A few of our good friends designed rooms and they are amazing!  Here is the link for tickets and directions:  cathedral antiques show

I took some pictures on the press night but they are horrible.  I can’t even post one.  I spent more time talking than taking pictures.

Anisa and I have finally turned my front room into our office.  We are grateful for how 2013 has started for our business.photo-113

We are presenting our plans for a kitchen remodel (restoration, really) of a 1930s home in Decatur.  We want it to be a surprise for our clients, so we will share them after they see them.  Here is the kitchen–original sink and authentic metal cabinets!photo

And, thanks Houzz, for voting one of our rooms:Best of HouzzHope you are well,



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  1. That Braithwaite bedroom is one of my all time favorites! Those metal cabinets in the Decatur kitchen-how COOL! Looking forward to the reveal:) Big hug. Stay warm. Lisa

  2. You did a wonderful job! Love the old and new mixed together in one fresh style.

  3. Ha Ha….your front room is always changing!!! Love your plans for the latest project. Hope you both are doing great:)

  4. Vicki @theaceofspaceblog.com :

    More perfection to come our way….:)

  5. Love the new look in your front room, and what I like even more is that you’re so busy. I can not wait to see what you do with the Decatur kitchen!

  6. Oooo this is very exciting!!! I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds and that kitchen in Decatur. The front office looks great too. Cheers to kicking off the year with a bang bang!


  7. Love to see all that youre up to! Looks like your year is getting off to a great start!! Love your office set up. Best of luck with everything. Thanks for the inspiring images!
    xo Nancy

  8. SO cool to see the scalloped mirror in an office…. i love mine, but i now have it above my dining table area..


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