I hope you are well on this gorgeous November Saturday.

We are resting and relaxing.  It is nice.  I soooo enjoy staying in my pajamas not having to do the morning routine.  Not that I really have a routine yet.  Our mornings usually consist of me putting two half-dressed little boys in my car with a bowl of dry cereal while I run around trying to find cash for their field trip, something edible for them for lunch (and hopefully it is not so bad that the teachers will laugh) and a pair of half-clean pants for me to wear in case I have to get out of the car.  If someone were to take a video of this family from 6-8 am I bet they would find some entertaining footage.

Oddly enough, having both boys in school is actually busier in a way than having them at home.  Do you feel that way?


We have had so much fun working with the owners of the restaurant in Rosemary Beach.  We can’t believe opening night is December 15th!

It has gone from this….


to this…



Last night, Anisa, our client and I went to do some restaurant research at Barcelona Atlanta.  We are hoping that Aqua Coastal Sushi has a masculine, warm & industrial vibe going on when we are all done, and this place has a reputation for good food & great decor.

Here are some pictures from their website:

We sat right there under Sophia.



The coolest outdoor area I’ve ever seen.



The bar was really hopping.  It was completely packed.  My only complaint was the music.  Yes, I’m getting older, but when you want to talk with the person across from you and you want hear what they are saying.  Most of the night I was saying, “Huh?”…..”What?”.  I would just randomly say things that had no connection whatsoever to what Anisa and Kim (client) were talking about.  They would be talking about the ceiling paint color and I’d chime in, “Yes, the caramelized brussel sprouts are good!”


I loved their bathroom.  Well done indeed.


We are headed back to the beach after Thanksgiving so we hope to have more to show you then.


And, thank you, At Home in Arkansas Magazine for choosing our space as your favorite!

Christina Wedge took the amazing photo.



I have to share the cutest cupcakes in the world, too.  Chris works in film so from time to time he brings home treats from kraft service.

Don’t you love?  Marshmallows as popcorn?  Genius.


In case I’m not back until Thanksgiving…..here is my Thanksgiving post, too :)

I am thankful for y’all!



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  1. How cool is that?! I just love that outdoor space! I just adore your style and blog:) have a great weekend!

  2. Wow , the restaurant is looking very promising!!!!! Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Congratulations! That’s such a gorgeous kitchen so it’s no surprise they chose it as their favorite. I’m so excited for this restaurant. I love watching your business thrive. hugs, Abby

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