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Happy New Year!  I hope your Christmas was merry and Santa was good to you all.  It was a precious one for us with our boys being 4 and 6–I know that it won’t always be so magical so I do my best to soak it up.

We spent our New Year’s Eve having a lovely dinner with old friends and were home to relieve the sitter at 9.  Do you actually always do the countdown each year?  For some reason I’m perfectly fine missing it year after year.  Nightowl I am not.

New Year’s Day we took advantage of everyone’s hangovers and subsequent empty roads to head on down to Rosemary Beach to hang a few things at Aqua and see all the work Brulio Casas and crew have done in person!  Anisa and I are just so freaking happy–It is our dream come true to design a restaurant.  And here is the (almost) finished project….a few things need tweaking and panels need to go up…but it is pretty much done.

Photos:  Jennifer Kesler Photography













I swear my favorite part of this whole restaurant is that wedgewood gray door.  It makes me so happy.




I have many stories and behind-the-scenes pictures, but I really don’t want to mess up her photos by posting my grainy phone pics now.  I do want to share a picture Jennifer (photographer & my sister) took as she was walking on the beach.  She didn’t carve this praise out with a stick–someone else did–but isn’t it perfect?

Here’s to more dreams coming true this new year…


restaurant progress

So I lied.  I can’t stay away.

We are so happy with how the restaurant is pulling together.  Next time you’re near 30A in Florida please stop by.  The doors are almost open!

The cabinetry in the bar is cream and antique brass pulls are installed:


The glass shelves aren’t in, but the industrial piping & reclaimed wood tops are.


The bar’s countertop is white glass and the floor (tile!) is a dead-ringer for hardwoods with some patina.  My favorite, though, is the kitchen door with the restaurant’s only color, some BM Wedgewood Gray…


The glass window will have a “K” in relief.



The table tops were hand-crafted by Brian Preston and his team of carpenters.  If you haven’t heard of LamonLuther, please click over and watch the video about this awesome ministry.



Our clients’ fave is the banquette section.  Panels are in the plan for this space, too.  It’s 8 ft tall and boasts polished nickel swing-arm sconces.  We are happy indeed.




We were thrilled to work with architect Braulio Casas (his work is also featured & on the cover of Coastal Living Magazine this month!).  Hopefully it won’t be the last time we work with him…




This wall will be adorned with this very soon…



A collage of vintage ocean paintings will go here:



And here’s the bathroom!  (this place used to be a Starbucks, by the way)


(the pipe won’t be white–the health inspector has to check it first)


We had to sneak in a little more brass.



No, that’s not a wedding reception; that’s all of the white outdoor chairs ready to take their place on the patio.


barstools & more lucite chairs…


It is crazy to see the plans come to life:



Merry Christmas y’all,




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