truly inspiring home (Kay Douglass)

Have you seen the work by Kay Douglass in this month’s A H & L?  Just jaw-dropping.





orange and purple are not my favorite colors, but after looking at this room, they might be.


She truly is a visionary.  She tells stories in her rooms with the height and scale of her furniture and the deep, saturated hues.


She’s killing me.


What a treat!

Happy Easter!


the backsplash post

This post is for my own reference–blogs are a good place for someone like me to keep track of things–and also for you if you wish.  By the way, do you know that Europeans call it “splashback”?  Don’t tell me I never taught ya anything  :)

Here is one of my favorites:  metal tiles.  We may be using these for a client’s kitchen reno next month.  Isn’t Kay Douglas genius?  (House Beautiful 2007)


Another option that can look cheesy or gorgeous–bricks.  In this instance:  gorgeous.  MODgirl’s design.  (Her home will be in Southern Living this summer)


Classic and ubiquitous subway tiles  (here in Anisa’s kitchen)  I don’t think you can go wrong with these.  Sure, a lot of people use them, but sometimes things are popular because they are just good.

And here they are from Cottage Living 2007.  My all-time favorite kitchen and what I based our hidden vent hood upon (and our plate shelf!)

my home ideas


Okay, more ceramic tiles.  Here is our kitchen:

I love saving money on some finishes so you can buy “fancy” Walker Zanger or Ann Sacks–worth every penny!


Colorful glass tiles (coastal living):


Up next:  horizontal (or vertical) boards.  People use all types of wood and paint (or no paint).  I love this former living room turned kitchen (House Beautiful July 2010)

my home ideas

my home ideas

my home ideas


One of my favorites:  NO backsplash.  I think about my grandmother’s kitchen.  I am sure she can cook a tornado around most of us, and she never had a backsplash.  Sure, we wipe down her walls after cooking a big Christmas dinner, but they look fine after soap and water.  Yes, tiles are cleaner and shinier, but are they a necessity?  (Nancy Fichelson)

I don’t really see a backsplash from the kitchen of It’s Complicated….do you see one?  What an amazing, soulful kitchen!

my home ideas

Hey, why don’t y’all join in and send me a picture of your backsplash (or lack thereof)?  I will post a Part II–still so many more options (marble, granite, tin, beadboard…).

Have a great Monday……..Julie

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