my life

You know, it’s been said, “If you want to know about someone’s life, look in his checkbook.”

Well, in my case, it would be my camera log on the my phone.  It kinda tells everything.

pictures of progress:  stairways & niches…



Pictures of Anisa from Chicago….(she said they have an amazing breakfast, btw)



Pictures of dream homes:



Dream outfits:



And my dream man:


(our wedding day in 2005)


Actually, my phone is filled up with my men, all of whom have hair too long.




Oh, I’ll have to do a part II.  More to share but computer dying and I’m too lazy to find charger.  Nite :)

the blog class

Do you read Emily at Jones Design Company?  She is one smart & talented lady.  I want to share that she is offering The Blog Class.


We were honored she asked us to give any tips from our experience.  And I love that she teaches every little thing about blogging…from courses on posting and building readership and even doing your own graphics with free tools.  She offers 100 days of support to get you up-and-running, too.


And you have seen how blogging can be such a valuable instrument for whatever it is you have to share.  We are proof of that!  Can you believe a producer is pitching a show about us this summer and it all started with this ol’ blog?

I would have signed up for this had she offered The Blog Class when I started.  She has been working on it for a year–it is very thorough.



And, to my honey, Happy Father’s Day to the best dad I have ever seen.  Our boys are sure lucky to have been given you as their papa.

(I really need a new picture of the 4 of us!)

Have Father’s Day to all the dads of all types :)



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