a big day–Woman’s Day

Anisa and her family are preparing for a huge day tomorrow!  Woman’s Day is coming to shoot her home for their November issue.  Can you believe having an almost four-month-old and you are preparing for a film crew to shoot your entire family & your home?  I mean, it is one thing to get your home ready, but another thing altogether to get clean & appropriately-colored clothes for the shoot (they do tell you what color palette they would prefer you to be dressed in).

She has painted another original landscape to add some color to her open shelving (below) and well as added some stripes to the windows.

We laughed because she said, “You know, I need some color in my kitchen so I think I’m going to get those gray & white striped panels.”

I wrote back, “I love you.  I love that adding gray into your home means adding color.”

Yep, we love some neutrals.


You can bet the stylist Liz Demos will be adding more color in!  She is so good.  She’s a southern gal and you have seen her work before for sure!

Here she is, and following is her own home as featured in Design*Sponge.







And her work in Southern Living and Seleta’s home….





And they are flying in west coast photographer Davis Tsay.  So good.  Some of my favorites from his portfolio follows….



(I post this about every day.)






Thank you, Lisa Mowry, for sending in Anisa’s home.

If any of you are wanting to be published, I recommend sending her your work.  It is no luck that we have been published.  We send her about everything (and you have to be okay with a lot being rejected).  Just keep working, taking good photos, and keep sending in.  You have to put yourself out there.


Can’t wait to see what they create in few months.  You know we’ll be sharing.




the sweetest little house

So this is what I do at night when the boys are down and Chris is working–look at homes online.

I should be doing laundry, walking on the treadmill, seeing what I can put in the crockpot tomorrow (yeah, right)…but instead I’m hanging out in my bed peeking inside other’s homes.

This is a beauty and truly charming.  The listing says it is the home of a professional designer….if you know the name do share!

Enjoy your Wednesday….Julie
























Don’t you love it???

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