For a girlfriend whose been there through thick-and-thin.

I imagine this was my first and last time seeing Madonna, but what a show and what a night.

Attendees were either middle-aged women in gloves gripping a beer in each hand, sunglasses and tutus in all their middle-aged glory, or men who came with other men.  Not many exceptions.


We are middle-aged-ish, but no gloves.  Jennifer did sport a mini sequin number, but she runs five miles a day.  Me, no so much–yet, anyway!


proof of said women:


My friend, Jen, and me


Grateful for a getaway last week with my husband to Charleston.  We both got reacquainted with one another and we both feel in love with this historical southern city by the sea.  So much so we started looking at real estate.  We just felt like we fit in.



We had a little star sighting.  Lauren Hutton is even prettier in person, and the epitome of style.


Grateful to Lisa Mowry and Atlanta Magazine for featuring us in December’s issue…

what an honor!



Grateful for an amazing friend, Anisa–she is so kind & talented.  Here a few pictures of her girls’ rooms:

(big girl’s room:)


forgive the cheesy watermark.  Pinterest makes them almost necessary, though.




and the baby’s room:





I hope your tummies and hearts are full today.  Don’t you love the day after Thanksgiving?


I’m signing off for awhile, and to be honest, might be signing off for good.  I have just grown very weary of blogging lately, and I imagine my posts reflect it.  I just feel God tugging on me in another direction, and I have no idea what that is.  I need time away to devote to Him for discernment and prayer.  You know when you feel those winds of change blowing in?  Exhilarating and fear-creating all at once?  The weathervane of my heart says those winds are close.  My apologies for always been so deep and melancholy, it is just the was I was made.


Peace and love to my readers….what a journey.



pretty ugly

Sometimes I find that I do have a penchant for things that I know some may find are less than pretty.
I cannot tell you how much pleasure I find in these vintage paint-by-numbers.  I am sure people may find them a bit tacky.

I am not sure what the allure is for me…that it is simple, a little rough around the edges, or just not perfect.

I think this is why I love the Novogratzs so much.  They are playful in their designs.  Come on–neon “F A M I L Y” in the kitchen?  You can’t beat that.

I know Mrs. Wearstler has a little taste for the not-classically-pretty.
The colors in this spread can almost offend.  It’s like the opposite of soothing.  But sometimes shocking is good.

And, oh, what can beat wolfs in the wild.  (Gotcha on this one :)  I really don’t get this aesthetic at all!

Today I found this parrot lamp at Tuesday Morning–a steal at 79 bucks, I thought.  She woman who worked there said it had been there over a year.  Poor little fella.  Is it really so ugly?  (this one is from Neimans coming in a $299!  This is why I want a store someday–isn’t it all about context?

okay…not quite as good as Neiman’s….but it’s still pretty (ugly).  It does remind me of my grandmother’s home a little.  I can see it working in a more modern room, too.  All about context.

And Kate finished the stencil tonight in the laundry room.  I think it’s pretty (pretty).  Have a great weekend my friends, Julie

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