a bright & fun home

Even though most of the walls are white in this renovated ranch, the home is not neutral.  Our clients are fun & bold and open to a green kitchen and to having their master bath vanities smack dab in front of two windows  (the blinds go all the way down, btw!)

We still aren’t done.  Today is our third install day.  We you are designing an entire home there is a lot to do and so many details.

Yet, like usual, I can’t wait until it’s completely done to share what’s complete so far.  Anisa and I think it’s such a fun space!


This great room is most likely where they will spend most of their time.  We broke it into sections:  banquette/ breakfast nook area, kitchen, game/homework table area, and living/family (tv) room.  The window on the left side of the picture below overlooks the 2nd hole of the neighborhood’s golf course and the pool.  Kinda dreamy, methinks.


capiz flower pendant & brass picture light….



The appliances (white Viking!!) aren’t installed yet, but these floating barnwood shelves are.  We thought it best to keep them “raw”–they only have a wax sealant on them.  (Daniel, our contractor, must stalk all barns north of Atlanta.  He always finds the best wood!)

A view of the game table, kitchen & banquette: (if you squint you can make out the SMEG fridge, too:)



The rug under the table is Dash & Albert’s indoor/outdoor diamond rug.  The couple have four children under four, so they needed something underfoot they can scrub and hose off!


The view from the banquette:

(before furniture)photo-27

(after furniture)

Here is the view from the sofa in the family room:

(We slipcovered the leather ottoman the family already owned to update it and add some pattern.  Fabric is smoke from Lee Industries.)

The slipcovered Dominique sofa is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  It is SUCH a great sofa!  We love that it’s slipcovered (thus, washable), yet boasts clean, modern lines.  Might be our new go-to sofa.



our colors for the home?  indigo, teal, chartreuse & pink.



It’s so difficult to get a great picture of a bathroom, but here is the powder room near the kitchen:

The sconce is the satellite in brass from schoolhouse electric co.  I know it’s hard to make out.


The “art” is framed vintage horse fabric.


Beware when buying a pedestal sink.  We ordered three or four of these!  (hard to keep track).  The legs always arrive broken.  Seems like they would pack them better–what an expensive problem.


The laundry room makes us happy, too!


Here is the new master bathroom (formerly a master bedroom):




Not your neighbor’s bathroom, right? :)



And we couldn’t have the bathroom completely void of color–they needed a blue barn (closet) door:


It’s all in the details:

photo-66We hope you have a great day!



Julie & Anisa

farmhouse meets traditional

It is such a small world.

A potential client contacted us recently and I asked her if she was local.  Well, not only is she near Atlanta, she is in walking distance.  She found our blog and had no idea I lived in her neighborhood.  I love that!

She has this innate style I wish I had:  clean, warm, minimal without being stark–very thoughtful.

(here is a peek at her dining room.  She had this hutch constructed and it is almost finished.)



She (I always type “she”, but of course I mean “they” :) ) chose Farrow & Ball’s Matchstick for her main floor.  They have light-filled rooms and tall ceilings, so it reads white and creamy, not dark and yellow.  She did good.


Her style reminds me of some of my all-time-favorite rooms:


Country Living Magazine 2

Country Living Magazine (let me know if this is actually Country Home)


(I don’t know source)



Again, don’t know, but isn’t this just beautiful?



design by Ruby Beets

Although our clients’ style is more old farmhouse than traditional colonial, I think it best we marry the two.

23771cdcf1771f96f32f2f19ada68ac7c0f1309908This isn’t their home, but it is quite similar.  Grand, stately, and painted brick.  (dream, right?)


     Our advise is always to honor the architecture of your home.  If your home is a total mid-century ranch, then we think it best to keep some elements that honor this time period (maybe a mod lamp or two, low-scale furniture, etc).  If your home was built in the ’20s or ’30s, then consider some timeless white subway tiles and dark grout for your kitchen and baths, or, at minimum, some period light fixtures here and there.  It makes me hurt when people renovate a home and the home’s essence is completely lost.  If your facade beckons to an era of design, then at least make mention of it in the interior.

Man, had to get preachy there for a minute.


Darryl Carter does a perfect job of combining minimal farmhouse & timeless traditional:



country living darryl carter cococozy white foyerhis work in Country Living



Maybe not much farmhouse in the last photo, but the art nods to it.  (I read that he prefers to hang his art lower than most.  He said it should be at eye level while sitting.  Genius, and less formal, don’t you think?


As much as I adore this aesthetic, I find that I am more and more drawn to color.  Wyatt’s room is now aqua and red, Liam’s is green and I’m Anisa and I are about to hang a million landscapes above my sofa below (and move the tv and clean up.  I can’t believe I’m posting this picture)


Oh, I really want this sofa, but I also want to stay married.  Chris ain’t having no new sofa.

shelter arm skirted sofa restoration hardware

How great is my new lamp, though?  Worth every cent.


I promise to have my sister come take a pretty picture of our living room when we hang the art.

We also have some great stuff going on—Daniel and his crew are crankin’ out some renovations.  The kitchen below will be green, the hood will be tiled, the hardware will be brass…oh, and they got a white Viking range and white SMEG.  Can you see it?

Okay, I am so sorry this is not straight.  I tried three times and can’t get WordPress to flip it.

They opted for more windows & a better view in lieu of more storage.  Good choice.


I hope you’re having a good day!


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