sometimes we steal

Sometimes ideas may come in a dream or what seems to be out of nowhere.  Mostly, though, we borrow, steal and interpret from others.

I was so obsessed with this House Beautiful bedroom earlier this year I had to recreate it:

It incorporates all things I love:  the cream & white, natural elements (woven blinds, seagrass rug, baskets), contrast, layers and layers.  This is the first time I’ve seen a dark room that is simultaneously so light.


I don’t think I’ll tire of our dark (light) room…even Chris loves it.  I can’t take credit for the idea, though.

You admit to stealing, too :) ?



symmetry, but not so much matchy

Anisa and I love the idea of having symmetrical nightstands/lighting/art or mirrors flanking a bed, but not so much the idea of matching them.


We do kinda have a rule about this–not that we might break it–but we for one of the aforementioned to match.  You really just need one to be identical to tie it all together.  (One cohesive piece makes the room look tied together.  To have nothing match might look more like a dorm or ultra-boheme  which I am actually a fan of, but that’s another post.)

A client hired us to achieve a modern farmhouse look in her new home.  In her bedroom we did bring some mod lamps, but almost everything else is antiques and pieces collected over time.  We “shopped” in her attic and found a lovely huge mirror and loved the idea of having that double the light in the room by placing it behind a table lamp.  To keep it balanced we asked them to hang two bovine paintings, full of patina and character, on the left side.

Okay, now using other pictures to back up my point:)

Ryan Korban in Lonny:  same lamps–not same art or nightstands.


Did you not love the House of Windsor in the current Veranda?  So good.

Okay, so again–matchy-matchy lamps.  Art, mirror and nightstands don’t.

Same story here.  Lighting ties it together.

What do you have going on in your own bedroom?


I can’t believe I got a copy of this in the mail today.  So surreal that my kitchen’s in there!  So grateful for this amazing year.

I have a copy of Michael S. Smith’s Kitchens and Baths to giveaway!  Just leave a comment below (or email us).  I would giveaway a Methane print but I packed them somewhere when we were staging our home and I can’t find them.  I feel bad I never shipped the last one so let me find them and I will giveaway another (or two).  Thanks for reading………Julie

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