my interview with Lulu DK

It is weird (and sometimes cool) to have PR firms write us from time to time.  They will want us to post about an upcoming designer showhouse or a new product or an upcoming event.We turn down most requests because I care about our readers and don’t want to pimp y’all out.

Companies ask us to post about their products or link to them in our writing and I always say no.  Could you not smell it from a mile away if we were only posting for $???

That being said, you know I post:

1.  because I love it and have a lot to share, and

2.  because we hope potential clients will like our work and hire us.

So, we are hoping to generate money, but not by posting about just any-old-thing because they are offering to pay.


That being said, the opportunity to interview Lulu DK came via OpenSky, a fairly new online shop which features Lulu’s creations.  Her choices are lovely (and I think y’all will like them)….but I mostly jumped at the chance to interview someone I look up to!

When preparing my questions, I thought of what I would ask her if I was having a cocktail with her.  Yes, about her business….but about her inspiration and about being a working mother, too.  (Which I really struggle with, to be honest.)

So, enjoy….

Were either of your parents in design or the arts?

After the war, my father sold sculptures on the side of the road in Italy to make ends meet. My mother was always a passionate painter. She had a flair for making everything around her beautiful. Her passion for life around her was contagious.


(her dining room featured in Lonny)

If not, did you know early in life you were an artist, or did it come later?  ….did you study art formally or did you study something else and later realize this was your passion?

I knew early in life I wanted to be a painter. (not to boast, but I won all the high school art awards ;-) I graduated high school a year early to go to Parsons School of Design…so my creative career was paved from pretty early on. I feel blessed to have had this….every day.

her wallpaper below—in her home via Lonny

Any tips you can give my readers who are just starting out?  In your first year or two of design–what did you do that brought attention to your work?  How did you get your textiles “out there”?

I wasn’t always sure exactly “what” I wanted to do or be in the arts…it took a few twists and turns. I went to Parsons for Fashion and graduated Fine Arts and Interior Design and then went to Paris and studied Tromp l’oeil, the Tromp l’oeil turned to fabrics, it wasn’t always a golden road…it was and is a lot of work…my recommendation is that you have===MUST===have a passion for what you do, in order to carry you through the not as much fun parts…running a business has its challenges. Love what you do and it all is worth it.

As an artist & mother…you can never really “turn” either off–creativity is always happening and I am sure your boys always need you.  Can you really ever balance the two?

Of course. It isn’t always easy and I cant always get it all done (the “surfing the web” and watching a film, regular trips to the gym or museum or shopping trip has come to a near stop)…you have to pick and choose and prioritize time….it makes a business trip to NY a luxury…sitting on the plane in the middle row becomes a vacation….perhaps it is all good on our perspectives of life!

(her sons below in their breakfast nook as featured in Lonny)


Do you have an office in the home, or do you find you work better if your studio is elsewhere?

Always home. I have to be in the middle of it all.


(a vignette in her home)


We loved seeing your home featured in Lonny–do you have any rules you follow in decorating, or is it totally an intuitive process?

Totally intuitive…and sometimes a hit or miss ;-)


Do you ever consider doing interiors for others?


(I am sure your friends ask!) Sometime I think it would be fun, but in the long run it’s not for me… I l am a painter at heart….maybe a room or two.


Difficult question, but will you name your 3 favorite interior designers and why?

Jeffrey Bilhuber…because he always get it right on with the modern, comfortable and classic.

Tom Sheerer, they both just seem to have it (I actually worked for Jeffrey Bilhuber and Tom Sheerer when they worked together.

Albert Hadley…I will forever love


Favorite book and musician(s) of late?

I love Cantano Velaso…my favorite book…it’s a bit boring to say, but I have been reading a bunch of books on child upbringing. I always thought I had it ingrained in me…call it natural motherhood instinct, but I have realized with twins who are about to turn 4 and an 18 month old, that there are a few things to be learned.


There is a great book called My Competent Child by Jules Jere (I think that is his name…my internet is down right now in the little island where I am in Italy…sorry)

(she probably means this by Jesper Juul)


I love the oyster shell mirror you chose for your OpenSky collection–obviously inspired by your love and life at the sea :)   Will you share a bit on your inspiration in choosing items for your OpenSky selections for people who adore your work (like me).



I love the sea and beach and think there should be a little bit of it in every house to give the sense of freedom and travel and escape and all things that sound like the sea is whistling outside your window!

Okay–love her even more now.
Here are a few more items you can buy on OpenSky….

 Go here to view her stuff on OpenSky and view her profile.
Thanks, Lulu!

simple & clean

Perhaps I should be focusing on red, white & blue today.

What’s on my mind is only the white….

Just simple, clean & always good.


 Country Living

McAlpine Tankersly

Country Living

We will build you one day, my friend.

unknown elegant design

(please help me credit)

unknown green gloriousness

Ruthie Sommers in Lonny

(Sommers?  Summers?)

I dream of wearing this while I dutifully work below….

I’ve got to add in some of our own clean & white design here, too :)

By the way, this design won NCI’s “Favorite Space” contest!  Wahoo!   It will appear in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles,  At Home Arkansas,  Mountain Living, and a few more this November/December.  Thanks for choosing us!

Better Homes & Gardens is shooting this project as well the first week of August.  We will sneak in some behind-the-scenes pics if they let us.  Thanks, Lisa Mowry, for believing in us :)

Happy Birthday America!  The older I get the more grateful I am that I live here and can raise our boys here.



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