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This is the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging since I began in 2010.  Life has been crazy busy.  What can I say?  Moving out of our home to an apartment and moving again last week has been a challenge to our family (to say the least).  It is all worth it, though.  This is our dream home!  But it’s just been a lot.


But it’s good.  Ive tagged it #projectmodernbarn on Instagram and that is truly what it is.  (By the way, if you want to keep up with Anisa and me and our projects you can follow us there.  Instagram has kinda become our mini-blog of sorts.  Our name is milkandhoneyhome)

In most of the living areas we have 1″ x 8″ vertical boards instead of drywall.  We don’t caulk them so they can naturally breathe and settle freely over the years.  We replaced all the windows we could afford to and that was worth every last penny.

The walls our BM Moonlight White–it’s a great creamy white but not yellow.  I thought long & hard about this choice!  I wanted more of a cream than a stark white, especially because I wanted it to contrast with the ceilings.  I did BM Wedgwood Gray cut 50%.  This color is cool, so I feel it best to be next to a warm.

Our dog, Olii, is a bit worn out, too.



Oh, I’ve got great plans for our breakfast nook here.  As y’all know, it only takes time and money.

It has already proven to be a favorite little spot.  The south-facing window is warm &



Here is the view from the settee.  The fridge, coffee counter & trash/recycle bins are to the right.

We went with clean & mod cabinetry.  The cabinet-makers are European, so this look was second-nature to them.




Opposite the range, this is the view.  This wall of bookshelves was my dream and it is so fun to see them come to life.  This room is fairly long, so we broke it up with two lanterns and two purposes.  The lantern closest to the kitchen will hang over our dining table.  The second one closet to the bookshelves will be over a coffee table & seating area.  We plan to have no tv in this room.  We’ll see……  Aren’t y’all so tired of screens everywhere?


Most of our furniture is still in storage…

this room looks out onto the backyard.




The upstairs feels like a little cottage.  We did pine floors here (and they are now white!!  not practical, but you only live once).  This room here will be the playroom.  The room behind this picture is the guest bedroom and the room on the opposite side is M & HH’s new office!

I’m sure Daniel & Brian (contractor and electrician) will be thrilled to know I’ve posted this picture :)





In other news…..we are grateful to be in HGTV Magazine this month.  Our old kitchen is featured in their white kitchen section:







And we also had our photo shoot with Jennifer Kesler for the Decatur kitchen project.  Here’s the outcome!

decatur kitchen 1



decatur kitchen 4



decatur kitchen 5



decatur kitchen 3



decatur kitchen 7


decatur kitchen 8-1

Here’s Jennifer….





Love these shots Anisa took during the shoot, too








Is this picture overload in this post or what?


In other news, Anisa’s husband, Casey Darnell, has a new, self-titled record coming out November 11th.

The info is here

He’s so good!

imagesHope you’re having a great fall.





a bright & fun home

Even though most of the walls are white in this renovated ranch, the home is not neutral.  Our clients are fun & bold and open to a green kitchen and to having their master bath vanities smack dab in front of two windows  (the blinds go all the way down, btw!)

We still aren’t done.  Today is our third install day.  We you are designing an entire home there is a lot to do and so many details.

Yet, like usual, I can’t wait until it’s completely done to share what’s complete so far.  Anisa and I think it’s such a fun space!


This great room is most likely where they will spend most of their time.  We broke it into sections:  banquette/ breakfast nook area, kitchen, game/homework table area, and living/family (tv) room.  The window on the left side of the picture below overlooks the 2nd hole of the neighborhood’s golf course and the pool.  Kinda dreamy, methinks.


capiz flower pendant & brass picture light….



The appliances (white Viking!!) aren’t installed yet, but these floating barnwood shelves are.  We thought it best to keep them “raw”–they only have a wax sealant on them.  (Daniel, our contractor, must stalk all barns north of Atlanta.  He always finds the best wood!)

A view of the game table, kitchen & banquette: (if you squint you can make out the SMEG fridge, too:)



The rug under the table is Dash & Albert’s indoor/outdoor diamond rug.  The couple have four children under four, so they needed something underfoot they can scrub and hose off!


The view from the banquette:

(before furniture)photo-27

(after furniture)

Here is the view from the sofa in the family room:

(We slipcovered the leather ottoman the family already owned to update it and add some pattern.  Fabric is smoke from Lee Industries.)

The slipcovered Dominique sofa is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  It is SUCH a great sofa!  We love that it’s slipcovered (thus, washable), yet boasts clean, modern lines.  Might be our new go-to sofa.



our colors for the home?  indigo, teal, chartreuse & pink.



It’s so difficult to get a great picture of a bathroom, but here is the powder room near the kitchen:

The sconce is the satellite in brass from schoolhouse electric co.  I know it’s hard to make out.


The “art” is framed vintage horse fabric.


Beware when buying a pedestal sink.  We ordered three or four of these!  (hard to keep track).  The legs always arrive broken.  Seems like they would pack them better–what an expensive problem.


The laundry room makes us happy, too!


Here is the new master bathroom (formerly a master bedroom):




Not your neighbor’s bathroom, right? :)



And we couldn’t have the bathroom completely void of color–they needed a blue barn (closet) door:


It’s all in the details:

photo-66We hope you have a great day!



Julie & Anisa

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