a bright & fun home

Even though most of the walls are white in this renovated ranch, the home is not neutral.  Our clients are fun & bold and open to a green kitchen and to having their master bath vanities smack dab in front of two windows  (the blinds go all the way down, btw!)

We still aren’t done.  Today is our third install day.  We you are designing an entire home there is a lot to do and so many details.

Yet, like usual, I can’t wait until it’s completely done to share what’s complete so far.  Anisa and I think it’s such a fun space!


This great room is most likely where they will spend most of their time.  We broke it into sections:  banquette/ breakfast nook area, kitchen, game/homework table area, and living/family (tv) room.  The window on the left side of the picture below overlooks the 2nd hole of the neighborhood’s golf course and the pool.  Kinda dreamy, methinks.


capiz flower pendant & brass picture light….



The appliances (white Viking!!) aren’t installed yet, but these floating barnwood shelves are.  We thought it best to keep them “raw”–they only have a wax sealant on them.  (Daniel, our contractor, must stalk all barns north of Atlanta.  He always finds the best wood!)

A view of the game table, kitchen & banquette: (if you squint you can make out the SMEG fridge, too:)



The rug under the table is Dash & Albert’s indoor/outdoor diamond rug.  The couple have four children under four, so they needed something underfoot they can scrub and hose off!


The view from the banquette:

(before furniture)photo-27

(after furniture)

Here is the view from the sofa in the family room:

(We slipcovered the leather ottoman the family already owned to update it and add some pattern.  Fabric is smoke from Lee Industries.)

The slipcovered Dominique sofa is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  It is SUCH a great sofa!  We love that it’s slipcovered (thus, washable), yet boasts clean, modern lines.  Might be our new go-to sofa.



our colors for the home?  indigo, teal, chartreuse & pink.



It’s so difficult to get a great picture of a bathroom, but here is the powder room near the kitchen:

The sconce is the satellite in brass from schoolhouse electric co.  I know it’s hard to make out.


The “art” is framed vintage horse fabric.


Beware when buying a pedestal sink.  We ordered three or four of these!  (hard to keep track).  The legs always arrive broken.  Seems like they would pack them better–what an expensive problem.


The laundry room makes us happy, too!


Here is the new master bathroom (formerly a master bedroom):




Not your neighbor’s bathroom, right? :)



And we couldn’t have the bathroom completely void of color–they needed a blue barn (closet) door:


It’s all in the details:

photo-66We hope you have a great day!



Julie & Anisa

stars & stencils

Sometimes we come across an image and it doesn’t go away.  This is one of them:


just so dreamy!!!

 We knew this special little girl needed some stars when she looks up at night….(still not quite done with the room below, but progress :)


Whenever we need something special and beautiful, we bring Kate Dukes into the mix.  She is so crazy talented.

She made her own stencil for the ceiling (out of poster board!!)


And she has patience that I think we don’t have (and she was on a ladder 8 months pregnant knocking this ceiling out!)


I just think it is so sweet…..


We are fond of stencils (in metallic paint, it seems).  She did the one below–a leopard spot stencil:

Christina Wedge photo

And champagne paisley in our laundry room….

Sarah Dorio photo

And, I’m going to put it out there—we are putting our home on the market (again).  We are meeting with the realtor today.  What can I say?  We just have so many plans about our yard and Chris’ woodshop/ Airstream barn.  We have done all the paperwork with zoning at the city and received approval to begin on this outbuilding.  We even have the stakes in our backyard.  Just every single fiber in my being is saying that we belong elsewhere, and Chris has large doubts, too.  We feel a peace when we think about moving, and you can’t deny that.  So, if you are interested in a lovely home in Roswell, Georgia email me :)

We at least will be here until August 6th, because the married couple & photographers Gridley & Graves will be here to shoot for a new magazine called American Dream Cottages.  Very excited.

Well, we are lots of things around here, but never bored.  When you truly “let go and let God” then you just got to hang on.  You never know where He will take you.

Oh, but the local producer did pitch a show about us and our contractor in New York on July 2nd.  It’s a no-go.

Well, this post is more about stencils, isn’t it?

I hope the rest of your weekend is more restful than mine….


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