Serenbe Part II

Here are some more pictures that Anisa captured on her little getaway to Serenbe with her husband.  I think she went back in September.  Well, better late than never :)


They stayed in the cottage below (that has since sold) designed & furnished by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams in Atlanta.  IMG_4172

What a lovely board & batten exterior and beautiful door….



and how great is that lantern?



The nautical blue-and-brass continues inside:



We are always fans of table lamps in the kitchen!



And amazing shelves across the window…






mod living room….




love this floor lamp



And we love MG+BW’s painted stump tables.




Serenbe is truly about as close to Utopia as you can get.  Farmland mixed with the arts mixed with beautiful design and good food.  It doesn’t get much better.  (Only downfall is it’s quite expensive to live here.  It would be nice to make this available for the everyman.)


outdoor living:




lovely bakery:



acres of grass for grazing:




shops all in walking distance:










Every space so thoughtfully & tastefully designed:




Casey (Anisa’s husband) enjoying dinner at The Farmhouse.




I accidentally gave the incorrect link to his new album in the previous post.  Casey said about this album, “it’s filled with honest songs about the journey God’s had me on.”


His new album on itunes, here.  

Of course, we’d love your support.




an old school kitchen

We are so excited about this kitchen renovation.  The home is a 1920s bungalow in the city of Decatur in Atlanta.

Decatur is really a special little place (my sister and brother live here, too).  People here like to walk to shops and restaurants.  You see more bikes here, too.  Bigger is not more, here.  The peeps in Decatur frown on McMansions and three-car garages.

I know these are generalizations, for sure, but as a life-long Atlantan I’ve earned the right to make some.  People in Decatur are more about backyard farming and composting, more about old Subarus and mandatory recycling.  The people who choose to live in Decatur don’t care about keeping up with the Joneses–they want to be sure they are nothing like the Joneses.

They like reclaimed wood over shiny granite (see our island!), they prefer staying true to the history of the home than worrying over their resale dollar.  The people of Decatur choose slow and right to fast and cheap everytime.  I dig this kinda person.

I hope I don’t disappoint in saying that the before & after post will come later.  I know my posts leave much to be desired these days.  I did want to share some phone pics of the completed reno:


The countertops are absolute black honed granite (love!).  The faucet is vintage brass and the sink skirt is Robert Allen fabric (actually a red fabric we all adore!)


The sconces were a real splurge—Barn Light Electric and we left the stickers on.  Oops :)

A bit was saved by reusing the dishwasher & microwave.


The grout looks a bit darker in person.  It is French gray.


The brackets are IKEA and our contractor built the shelves (and all cabinets were custom by him and his cabinet makers, too)  The indoor/outdoor runner is Dash & Albert.

photo-174The island is reclaimed wood–it was just sanded once and one coat of poly.

Anisa was genius in her lawyer-cabinet design for the top doors.  The open upwards and look timeless, in my opinion.  Clear glass used with these.


The range is a 30″ Bertazzoni (I’m using this range in our new kitchen, too–so excited!)


BM Kendall Charcoal inside the windows.


And you can’t beat those barnlight electric teal stripe schoolhouse pendants.  We went a tad nuts mixing the galvanized silver on the pendant rods, the black on the sconces and the vintage brass on the faucet and hardware.  Typically we reign ourselves in with mixing two metals.  For some reason, three felt okay here.


To add a touch of texture, our workroom crafted these little stool slips (not pressed yet)



We hope you like our take on an historic renovation.  Good pictures and a true before & after to come shortly (as well as Serenbe part II)


Enjoy this brief taste of fall weather.  Love October.



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