closet stories

Well, this really isn’t a story about closets, I just thought the title was kinda pretty.

I did, however, spend the better part of my Saturday piling, purging and sorting.  It feels so good!

I have been so inspired by these stylish & organized closets:




Now my closet can’t compare to these, but I do like the idea of putting like with like.

Have I mentioned I love white?


What is in front and center is my collection of scarves.  I tend to dress like I decorate, I think:  the bulk being neutral with statement shoes, necklace or scarf.  And you know I’m a stripe fan!



This $20 shoe organizer from Target has held up well for several years–so necessary when you live in a ’70s home with no storage.  Okay, minimal storage.  I sound like such a spoiled American right now.  I recognize this.



Let’s just keep on the materialistic theme, shall we?  Here are some new things I added to my closet this week.  From Victoria’s Secret of all places.  I forget that I love some of their clothes.  Made for a woman, you know what I mean?


I live in turtlenecks in the fall & winter.


I didn’t get this camel coat, but I love it!


I adore kimono tops.


I didn’t get this either, but isn’t it lovely?



a great classic shirt


And for my love of all things boho, I got this blouse in black.


one trend I love:  nude & bright     So good!


My favorite purchase?  This black & gold kimono number.  Can’t you envision with brown little booties and small, turquoise earrings?


Send me a picture if you love your closet!  I’d love to see it.

Happy Sunday,


(by the way–our first week of kindergarten was pretty bad and full of tears.  I pray it gets better!)


simple & clean

Perhaps I should be focusing on red, white & blue today.

What’s on my mind is only the white….

Just simple, clean & always good.


 Country Living

McAlpine Tankersly

Country Living

We will build you one day, my friend.

unknown elegant design

(please help me credit)

unknown green gloriousness

Ruthie Sommers in Lonny

(Sommers?  Summers?)

I dream of wearing this while I dutifully work below….

I’ve got to add in some of our own clean & white design here, too :)

By the way, this design won NCI’s “Favorite Space” contest!  Wahoo!   It will appear in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles,  At Home Arkansas,  Mountain Living, and a few more this November/December.  Thanks for choosing us!

Better Homes & Gardens is shooting this project as well the first week of August.  We will sneak in some behind-the-scenes pics if they let us.  Thanks, Lisa Mowry, for believing in us :)

Happy Birthday America!  The older I get the more grateful I am that I live here and can raise our boys here.



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