the ubiquitous fiddle leaf fig tree

I guess if a plant could be called designer, this would be the one.  Do you not see it everywhere?



BH & G (stylist Annette Joseph)

actress Keri Russell’s home in Elle Decor

unknown, gorgeous, light-filled living room with amazing blue ceiling!

the textile of the same name Peter Dunham

Lonny (right?)

Emily Henderson

my girl Sherry Hart’s entry




and since I brought up plants today, please view the beautiful dining space of Anna Wintour (World of Interiors Magazine)


Don’t you think I need one?  I can see it tucked away near our sofa (below)


I have no green thumb to speak of.  I only have one Christmas cactus my girlfriend gave us as a housewarming gift.  Once in awhile a bloom will appear (only has a brief showing…Wyatt loves to pick them off)

It is the only thing besides our family and our dog that lives in our home.  Do you have the gift of keeping plants alive in your home?

Have a great day….Julie

you gonna watch?

Emily Henderson’s new show, that is.  These images are from her portfolio.  I imagine they are all of her L.A. home.







I love her blog.  She’s just who she is.


I gotta say sometimes I am inspired by Genevieve Gorder and Candice Olsen, but I am most excited about Emily’s show.  She is definitely a new look for the network, and I think they’ll get some real street (and blog) cred for putting her on.  Her show begins tomorrow night (the 26th).  You gonna watch?  I am.

Have a great weekend!  And thanks to all of you so much for reading.

Because of this blog Anisa and I were asked to judge a design contest for interior design students at The Stone Connection last night (will do a complete post about it when I get the pics from Anisa), we are so honored to be helping Erika and Dayka and other Atlanta designers in decorating a room for The Nicholas House, a halfway home of sorts for families…not just women and children (will post on that next week and kindly ask for donations!) and working with such amazing families to help create their dream homes.  I gotta come up with a proper giveaway for y’all.

Have a great weekend….Julie

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