ballard knocked-off a great one

This is stunning (and for less than $300)    Again, I love/hate knock-offs.

I would totally buy this, would you?  Some things I’m snobby about and have to buy the real thing (like purses!!), this—not so much.

Are you a brand snob?

I gotta say, I do love that my S chair has “Vernor Panton” on the bottom.  You may think I got it at Overstock, but I know I didn’t.

Can we talk?  What do you HAVE to have name-brand?  My list is short:

1.  Panton chairs & Tolix chairs

2.  Frye boots

3.  purses (but I never really have “real” purses, just cute ones I find at TJ)

4.  coffee–only Starbucks Sumatra

5.  The more I hang around Ceri in blog-land (and Katie), the more I fear I may become a fabric snob quickly.  I just bought LuLu DK and Mary MacDonald’s (Schumacher) remnants of One Kings Lane.

6.  Burberry Brit perfume

7.  La Crema Chardonnay (okay, I am having a glass now hence totally getting off interiors for a sec)

8.  grass-fed, organic beef

9.  Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay  (I has been a long week.  Isn’t it Saturday?)

10.  Okay, Wyatt just waked up with a bunch of unwashed grapes.  Must close computer now and sit down at table and feed children!


a little rock-n-roll retail therapy

I can’t believe how much I missed pictures!  Are we not so spoiled with our instant gratification?  I know I am.  Five bucks paid to Goggle and I’m back with a little eye candy for ya.

I rarely post about fashion, but I am so loving some of the things Garnet Hill is currently offering I just had to share.  I love this look…but really I think I love this model and this braid.  (sidenote:  are you typically drawn to models with your hair color?  just curious)
These boots are so sexy and refined.
I start living in boots and dresses as soon as there is the first slight chill.  Yes, this look is
how I define rock-n-roll these days.  You can’t much hotter than her.
And this coat!  Love it.  Okay, what about this coat with a white J Crew tee and black
leather pants.  I don’t care if leather pants are in or out (nor do I know), but wouldn’t that outfit be cool?
This piece of art is rockin, I think.  Remember this from Atlanta Home & Lifestyles Christmas House last year?  My client and I spied this at Stanton this week.  It was 1,200…now 199!  I don’t see this working in many rooms…but it is incredible.
These are the bentwoods we got for her breakfast nook–I love the use of black metal here instead of wood.  Adds a little spice to their kitchen.
It’s slowly coming together (capiz pendant and window treatments to be completed soon)  And we’ll change the centerpiece…:)
I think this black moulding is really sexy.
I am loving our new bar downstairs!  We paired black iron vintage sconces with two deals
from Ballard’s Backroom (the stools and mirror).  The stools got four coats of white dove (leftover trim paint–semi-gloss).  I told Chris he needs to have the guys over and play cards.  He kinda laughed at me. I guess it isn’t quite manly, is it?  (letters from Hobby Lobby)
For another texture, I love some black or cream felt pillows in a room.  Aren’t these pretty?  (from PB Teen)
I love this white capiz table lamp, too.  Wouldn’t this be nice as a desk lamp or maybe a countertop in a kitchen?  Somewhere unexpected.
And Anthro is rocking it out with this coffee table.  How unique!
And maybe this mirror…
In this bathroom instead of this white one (I LOVE this simple skirt.  When I rented a home in Little Five Points in my ’20s I cut my green silk Anthro skirt and velcroed it to my sink!)
And these shades….somewhere!!
And I love these Old Schools from Emerson Made.  Bell bottoms are so rock-and-roll to me.  But I have always been a little on the hippie side.  Here is evidence below:
I pick up the boys from Mom’s Morning Out and Wyatt has his entire lunch left.  I guess I can’t blame a two year-old for not wanting sugar snap peas, organic carrots in a bamboo bowl.  Liam said, “Mom, why can’t we get red boxes like Luca gets (read Happy Meal).”  Sorry, boys.
Thanks for hanging with this scattered post–Julie
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