Chris has been working on his pride-and-joy getting ready for our little journey.  Yet as the sweat began to puddle in the small of our backs as we were cleaning our camper, we looked at each other and asked, “What are we thinking?”


Every summer is hot in Georgia (You can tell a true southerner is one who doesn’t complain of the heat.  There is no use.  It is just a part of life.)  But this summer is just crazy-hot.  We thought better of taking an almost-3-year old and almost-5-year old out in this heat and will try again in October.

We are learning to be flexible as parents….you just gotta be.



Things happen for a reason, though.  I can’t believe we are getting ready to put our home on the market, but we are.  I am taking some of this vacation time to begin to stage our home.

I am so grateful we had Christina take pictures a few weeks ago.  I had a strong feeling that we’d want to capture it before it changed.

I pulled (okay, Chris pulled) up our dining table…now I just need to find the leaf.  I am planning to paint the assortment of chairs we have around here white and do a hodge podge of white chairs around the table.  I am not sure what to do for the art yet.  I would love to do a collage of vintage florals on that wall where the sconces are, but I may do something less taste-specific (I am sure the Panton chair may throw off potential buyers anyway.  I should probably keep the art as bland as possible.)

And I am still loving Pinterest.  You know, I bet this will totally change blogs.  Readers who look at blogs just for eye candy I bet will now only look at Pinterest.  There are just loads and loads of beautiful pictures and unusual ideas.

I bet this will just encourage those with blogs to be more personal and original.  Pinterest even has that social element of being able to follow others and comment.  Just curious, though, how do they make their money?  I don’t see any ads….and they want you to sign in with Facebook.  Are they selling info about what we like?  I can’t figure it out.

Some images I’m loving lately:

love the high gloss

Atlanta Bartlett, my hero.

a killer bathroom

oldies but goodies (Domino)

isn’t that awesome?!

I ordered a citron skirt from J Crew because of this picture from Pinterest

love with some Fryes

Y’all have all seen the home, but have you seen the loft?

How great is this entry?!  Love it.

And early Happy Birthday to you, little Wy-Ty.  Can’t believe you’ll be three tomorrow.  We love you so.

See y’all after the beach!   Julie






Atlanta Barlett is so good

Taking a little break, I have had time to go through some of the books I’ve bought that I haven’t had time to read yet (or at least look at the pictures).  I am so loving Atlanta Bartlett’s Pale & Interesting.  I think she is my favorite.  No one else encapsulates everything that I love about design:  white, wood, light, sparkle, textiles, simplicity.

These pictures are from my phone, so to see the pages in all their glory you’ll need to buy it!

The under-shelving lights add so much character….not to mention the blue range.  In love!

So much so that I think I want this in our next home–the AGA range in pistachio.

a gorgeous & simple bathroom:

Look at the shelf that she has filled with books overhead.  Great storage idea…and adds so much personality!


And I know it is hard to see, but the backsplash behind the cooktop is a sheet of ice green glass.  She is such the master of mixing materials.


and not afraid of toile.

And I am definitely painting my next clawfoot tub.  Not kidding–I love this!


This simple vanity is packed with style:  wall mount faucet, modern sink, old console.

I bet people call her shabby chic–but I wouldn’t.  I think she is so much more than that!  Sometimes people may call me shabby–but I really don’t think I am either (our bedroom below):


Well, I guess you can call it whatever you want….but her use of white, old & worn materials and soft fabrics just speak to me.  If you love it, too, this book won’t disappoint.

Still, my favorite of hers is Easy Elegance. A little edgier.

Thanks for all of your kind words as I shift more into decorating and less of blogging.  You are the best.


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