I guess we’d call it eclectic

It’s one part Moroccan and one part British gentleman’s club part one part Belgian….

We’re not sure how to label it, but it was fun pulling this design together.

It was a first for us:  combing aqua + apple green (the color of their kitchen) + red/ coral

Maybe one day we’ll have “real” photos (we have some now–scroll to bottom), in the meantime, here are some quite grainy phone pics.  Still had to share anyhoo.


It is one of those loooonnnng living rooms.  We thought it’d be best to split it up for various uses:


A reading area in the back of the room where you can have a glass of wine, read a book, and gaze out into the backyard.  (In all honesty, they might not use this area much since it is just two of them, but we wanted it to be pretty to look at :)



Our new intern, Lisa, styled the table.  Oh, we need to post about her.  She’s a gem.


The middle of the room has a nook just the right size for a little office.

Campaign-style wooden desk, mod white chair, and Anisa’s custom landscape.  How David Bromstad is she creating custom art for each client?  Love it!!


The middle of the room is where, I believe, they’ll live.  They can rest, watch tv, read, whatever.  (great burlap union jack stools from Target!)





Yes, we readily admit this is a prop.  But a cute prop, no?


The front of the room is really used as storage and a pretty wall to greet you as you enter.


We used our client’s grandmothers chair and just recovered the seat.  Well, Karen recovered the seat!




Before we come over for an install day, we ask our clients to leave a box or two of stuff we can use.  They had a great selection!  She discovered hese old antlers in her garage.  Her grandfather-in-law was a hunter and this was one of his trophies.  We thought it was fun that they are sentimental & trendy.  Why not incorporate them?  Anisa killed this wall–love it.


We wanted to balance the room by having the random collage in the front and the symmetrical/ minimal bookcases in the back.




It’s been a fun week but a full week.  We’re pooped.

Time for receipts, returns & rest.




UPDATE:  Here are better pics!  courtesy of Jennifer Kesler Photography








a cottage..well, kind of.

Our clients love the look of a cottage…perhaps a beach cottage with just a hint of glam.

But, yes, we are really in a townhome in the suburbs of Atlanta.

After a long day’s work and a long commute on the angry streets of the city, we hope our sweet (and I mean about the kindest people we’ve ever met) clients find refuge in their cottage….I mean row-home.

Their walls are blanketed in Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.  It is such a great, warm gray/taupe/greige color.  It (almost) never fails.


As most townhomes are, the dining room is almost attached to the living room.  We hoped to define the room with a custom blue/green console, a dritwood mirror, and a white, wooden farm table.  We flanked the custom-built table with craigslist-find wooden slat chairs and new, tall slipcovered hostess chairs.  (It is so nice to have a hard-working carpenter in our tool box!)


A neighbor was clipping his evergreen shrubs and Anisa walked over to ask if she could have some.  He was quite bewildered.  I imagine this was his first request.




The dining room looks right into the family room:


To stay in budget, we kept the clients’ comfortable sofa and repurposed a bookshelf that was living in the playroom.  Yes, a new sofa would be ideal, but when you have a kitchen, entry, etc. you want to decorate you have to move in stages.  Anisa spotted a $1,500 coffee table on one of her visits to the beach.  She sent her sketches to our carpenter and he knocked it off for a song.


A family collage hangs above the sofa.  We used their frames and asked her to paint them BM Jamestown Blue.


The family loves music and AppleTV, so this workstation is also a stereo and play area.


Anisa painted this for the couple.  She said, “Here’s my little Holly Mathis right here.”


The grout wasn’t in when I snapped this photo, but I think the couple’s favorite was the mini-marble herringbone tiles on the fireplace.  It is so lovely and sparkles like glitter.


There is no better feeling than seeing a plan come to life.  There are always changes along the way….chairs backordered for a zillion years, lights out-of-stock, etc….but it usually all comes out great in the end.


Enjoy your day,



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