Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!  We had a good Christmas in our new home.  I don’t think we left at all except for a grocery run a few times.  Poor Liam got the flu then I got it.  This is the first time in my life I caught it and it truly knocked me sideways.  I will never miss my flu shot again!

But there are gifts with being sick at Christmas.  Instead of being consumed with busyness we really had time to be together.  Being confined to my bed meant I had time to begin my Donna Tartt novel that I’d yet to crack open and finally got around to flipping through my Coastal Livings and the new Domino that were waiting for me.

Chris and I had time to watch the complete Jesus of Nazareth miniseries that comes on each Christmas on the free religious channel.  Just like with subtitles, after you are a few minutes in your mind forgets about the 1-800-find Jesus number in the bottom of the screen.  I also was transfixed by the Spelman and Morehouse College Glee Clubs’ Christmas concert on tv.  I cried through the whole thing.  I am sure Chris thought I had lost my mind.

We are all better now and looking forward to the coming year.  We are bit-by-bit emptying our PODS that is sitting in our driveway and slowy moving in our new/old home.

I want to share the images I’ve been carting around in my head and on my laptop which have inspired the design of our renovation.  We wanted a modern barn kinda feel, and I think that is what we got.

Here’s the inspiration (picture overload warning):

Windsor Smith for Veranda’s House of Windsor:  (the dark windows & doors & all the light pouring through.  The touch of glam in the chairs and the contrast of dark and light—you will see this contrast in most of the pictures)


For the stairs and the rail we wanted simple & clean.  White treads (there are no risers) and no decorative millwork at all.  Think old saltbox homes and shaker-style.

This is the picture I gave our contractor (credit unknown):


I also kept going back to this image from Tom Scheerer’s house published in House Beautiful:


Here is an instagram pic of what it looks like (Olii loves sunning on the flagstone)


We may wrap them in leopard eventually….


We went dark in our master bedroom & bathroom.  Our bed is white as are our linens, so it feels a bit lighter than you might think.  I was scared to take the risk, but Anisa talked me into it.  So glad she did!  It’s my fave.

inspiration:  Miles Redd in Domino.  Dark but not cold–warmth in the natural elements.



And this dark but light bathroom from Cottage Living is just the best!


Again, all I have are instagram pics.  Here’s the bathroom.

If you go dark, I recommend going for it with moldings & trim and everything.  If you’re gonna do it, commit all the way.unnamed-84

I know it’s a mess, but cut me some slack.  Still moving in….



In the living room, I completely copied the style of these built-ins.  I couldn’t beat it, so I chose to flat-out copy the design.


I started filling the shelves yesterday.


In the kitchen, we went with a black sink (inspired by Roman & Williams)


Plain, flat-front cabinets (I die over this kitchen so much!  credit unknown)


And carrera marble tops.  DuPont has a new product called bullet-proof.  It ran us around $500 to seal it, but they guarantee it for 20 years!!  They will replace the marble if it stains.  So far, so good.  (and we are kinda messy)


This picture inspired our hood (simple, squared-off).  McAlpine Tankersly in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine.


This kitchen in Martha Stewart was the inspiration for our waterfall peninsula:




Some random images which really inspired the “feel” of the home:




(cream walls, dark furniture, hints of color, natural elements)



The picture above influenced the lighting in the boys’ rooms—deep bowl pendants from Barn Light Electric. (image via Elle Decor)


Please don’t judge the soda.  I usually don’t keep it in the house but we were sick.



Roman & Williams goodness (I believe World of Interiors in 2008)unnamed-33

The image below is the reason for the white floors upstairs:



The country but clean feel from Garden & Gun:


(image below unknown.  Love the detail & the boot storage)


We went with plaid wallpaper and 1″ x 8″ boards below in our powder room:  Love our dark doors, too–



And we went with a black front door with full-light because of this door.  We didn’t do metal, though.  It would have put us in the poor house.


I know this is just a taste, but it just takes time.  I have dreams of getting our home published, too, so I might save the full-on shots until I give it a go to see if there are any takers.

I do hope your Christmas was merry and that your new year is off to a good start!





sneak peek of AH & L High Style Tour

Last night Anisa and I had the honor of viewing Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles High Style Tour.  The designers worked their magic on the 18th and 19th floors of the W Hotel Atlanta (downtown).  Please click on the link above to buy tickets ($20 each) and learn more about the designers and their portfolios.  Proceeds go to Atlanta’s High Museum of Art!

Of course, my iPhone pics don’t nearly do the spaces justice–I do hope you can check them out in-person.

Can we start with my favorite condo?  I guess we can since I’m writing.

Barbara Westbrook.  So amazingly talented.  I wish I had a picture of her!!  She was wearing a black leather cocktail dress (A-frame, knee-length) with leopard heels.  Okay, this outfit can go many ways in your imagination, but it was so chic, tailored, minimal!  She knows how to edit.

My favorite thing of the night–this little ensemble here.  Her sponsor is Room & Board.



I find her to be a great stylist, too.

picture lights as bathroom lighting–genius.

Second favorite setup of the night?  This beat up, metal vintage goldenrod table multi-purposed as a desk & bar–She is so good with the mix!  Wire stool, upholstered seat, glass lamp, linen shade, metal desk.  Lovely!!

Her man cave was clean, warm, vibrant, fun, thoughtful–just so impressed.

Next, MG + BW sponsored Bill Peace’s condo.  Okay, we didn’t take many pictures because we were talking with our buds :)  Check out the art–made with thumbprints!!

The theme in his space was black & white, so MG + BW’s new lacquered stumps fit perfectly.  I love these.

Michel Ward for Bradley Hughes had living art in his bathroom.  Yes, live moss on the wall!!  Love the table lamp, too.

He, as well as Amy Morris, used narrow horizontal stripes.  Those things just happen.

the cutest pregnant woman ever :)

Bold choice to paint on the ceiling, too!

Anisa was really blown away with Susan Ferrier’s design (Ryan Hughes sponsor).  The way her mind works and how she arranges furniture is so innovative.  The art is covering an unattractive jut-out.  She said there was no other choice than to cover it!

Dig the wood artifact hanging in front of the floor mirror.

And, helloooo, welcome to Kerry Howard’s fun & bright condo!

I believe he designed a modern-day Tara (you have to go to see a huge Scarlet O’Hara on the wall).

How cheerful is this bathroom?!

And, finally, here is a peek at Amy Morris’ place…

striped entry with brass accents

lush fabrics, jewel tones, tons of unique lighting

What a glamorous bedroom!

We really had such a fun night.  If you go, plan to eat at BLT Steak in the bottom of the W when you finish the tour.

Us country girls were happy with our cow butter.  And the warm popovers that accompanied was about the best I’ve ever had.

Have a great weekend


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