Aqua Restaurant

Happy New Year!  I hope your Christmas was merry and Santa was good to you all.  It was a precious one for us with our boys being 4 and 6–I know that it won’t always be so magical so I do my best to soak it up.

We spent our New Year’s Eve having a lovely dinner with old friends and were home to relieve the sitter at 9.  Do you actually always do the countdown each year?  For some reason I’m perfectly fine missing it year after year.  Nightowl I am not.

New Year’s Day we took advantage of everyone’s hangovers and subsequent empty roads to head on down to Rosemary Beach to hang a few things at Aqua and see all the work Brulio Casas and crew have done in person!  Anisa and I are just so freaking happy–It is our dream come true to design a restaurant.  And here is the (almost) finished project….a few things need tweaking and panels need to go up…but it is pretty much done.

Photos:  Jennifer Kesler Photography













I swear my favorite part of this whole restaurant is that wedgewood gray door.  It makes me so happy.




I have many stories and behind-the-scenes pictures, but I really don’t want to mess up her photos by posting my grainy phone pics now.  I do want to share a picture Jennifer (photographer & my sister) took as she was walking on the beach.  She didn’t carve this praise out with a stick–someone else did–but isn’t it perfect?

Here’s to more dreams coming true this new year…


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  1. I don’t know what else would need tweaking with this fabulous restaurant! WOW!! A big pat on the back to you both and big HOORAH for a job well done!

    This restaurant is cool, hip but still has the comforting vibe to it! I want to go there now and try it out (if only I lived somewhere there). I bet this won’t be the last and believe me, 2013 is off to a GREAT START FOR YOU BOTH! CONGRATULATIONS! CHEERS!

  2. Unbelievably beautiful!!

  3. It looks amazing Julie! Well done. Cheers. xo

  4. What paint colors were used on the bar (grey) and cabinets (cream)? Beautiful Job.

  5. Love the glass shelving. Beautiful work.

  6. Julie – we were at RMB over New Years – one of the first places I made everyone go was Aqua as I had followed it on your blog. Love Love Love!!! Well done.

  7. WOW!!!! So gorgeous! Bravo! Can’t wait to see it in person the next time we’re in RB!

  8. tanya jacobson :

    freakin awesome.. you two are amazing. can’t wait to see it this summer!

  9. So impressed! You are SO talented! LOVE!

  10. I’m headed that way in February for a girls weekend – I will for sure put your beautifully designed restaurant on our agenda! SO perfect.

  11. PIN IT BABY! Every. single. shot.

    No words for the artwork wall. Brilliant! And considering there is only one bathroom, that lucky someone waiting can get lost in it.

    Every time i go to the beach I’m writing that in the sand. If they only knew??

    What a great day! So much good news on my design darling friends. I think its going to be a great year. Get your party clothes ready!

  12. It’s SO perfect. Love Love!!!

  13. Absolute perfection. Fabulous job you two. Can’t wait to visit it in person in April.
    Xo, lisa

  14. Amazing! Can’t wait to see it on our annual summer trip to Rosemary!!

  15. Vicki :

    Julie & Anisa,
    This space is so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes…I have always said there are people that have god given talent, and others who have to learn design. You all are the former, the talent evident in this space is off the charts, and I am just so in awe. People who have talent and heart as you both do are destined for stardom, because I truly believe that you need both to succeed, I look forward to seeing where the future takes you, and its going to be an incredible journey to watch…Love ya…Vicki

  16. Shelly@confettistyle :

    What a beautiful restaurant. I love the colors, mix of furniture and finishes. Great job!

  17. What a beautiful job you did! Just beautiful!

  18. Amazing! Gorgeous. Perfect. I love it all. THRILLED FOR YOU.

  19. Oh my, it is amazing!!! Hope to dine there on our next trip down

  20. Gorgeousness I say! What a fantastic project for the two of you and I bet it’s very fulfilling to see it come to fruition. Congrats and much success to them!

  21. julie, I am blown away. great job…donna

  22. wow!!! congrats. LOVE!!!

  23. Hey does anyone know anything about oriental rugs? I’ve heard about does anyone have any experiences there? :)

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