5 things

Just five share-worthy things, in no particular order:

1.  The Tyler Florence-designed House Beautiful kitchen in NYC.  I love him, and I love his kitchen.  He is so earthy, wholehome and yummy…and the design is, too.

I believe the era of the white kitchen is over.  Of course, it will never be over for me :)


I want Chris and I to have a date night right here.

And I want Tyler to cook for us.

This is totally where they would shoot a scene for The Bachelorette, isn’t it?  (oh, love Aames, by the way.  I am such a nerd, too.  I go around during the day thinking about things like sprezzatura and solipism and iambic pentameter.)

I love the others, too.  How cute is Ben?

I have a soft spot for him because he reminds me a lot of Chris:

(our wedding day)

And can we talk about Ben’s home in Sonoma.  I bet $5 you’ll see a post about her kitchen in the next week.  Seriously.  You find a post of that kitchen–write me.  You’ll see a “you have money” from paypal in your inbox, sistah (or brothah–but I only know two brothahs who read this blog.)


2.  My mom has “hired” us for a redesign in her home.  She said she’ll pay us in babysitting, which actually totally counts as true payment in my book.

She lives in historic Druid Hills, a beautiful old and character-filled neighborhood in Atlanta.  If you read Things that Inspire or Whitehaven Interiors, then you have totally seen her neighbors’ palatial homes in there.  They have a little cottage, which can even be better.

(Real Estate note:  I’ve been told it is wise to buy the least expensive home in a great neighborhood than the most expensive one in the not-so-great.  My .02)

After my mom and dad divorced in the ’80s, my mom actually decorated for awhile.  She will kill me that I am posting these pictures of her home on a normal day, but y’all can still see that she had style before it was cool.

She did the paneled fridge, mix of countertops and farmhouse sink close to 20 years ago!  (butcher block on the stove wall, granite where the coffee is and tile by the sink.

I dig a little tile in the kitchen.  I think as soon as you totally rule out a material as dated or out, that is the exact thing that will date your home in ten years.  You have to stay open.)

You did good, mom!

She has always painted old furniture and reupholstered it.

I love her picture shelf in the bathroom.  Probably where I get my love of old, unframed oils and acrylics.

Her go-to creams are Behr’s Lace Collar and Ben Moore’s Linen White (below)


This is our plan for their keeping room off of the kitchen.

I love learning new things, so I’m teaching myself a form of CAD.  (I’m a self-taught decorator, so I want to learn all I can.  I don’t want to have limits or lose a potentially great client because of these things.)


3.  Sometimes, when I get the boys down and Chris is working late….I love the really scrub the kitchen and just enjoy my favorite thing in this home–those dang shelves.


I love to style, re-style, and set up tea cups on saucers like Martha.  See–aforementioned nerd here.

4.  And even more than taking pictures of my kitchen  (seriously, if you are considering open shelving, yank those suckers out tomorrow!  Best thing I’ve ever done.), I love catching the boys all day. (in between screams)

It was so poignant this moment of Wyatt today, pulling a dog toy.  He is turning 3 next week, and I know that it is about a second before he is done with all baby toys.  Made me sad in a good way.


And I caught Liam so excited in his new sun hat.  Finally a vacation in less than two weeks!  We are ready.

5.  Oh, and I did tell you that Chris and I are certifiable.  We put an offer in on this home this week on this home.   I know she isn’t pretty now, but if it’s God’s will, we just might be in here.  We are totally at peace about it.  I’ll keep you posted…..


Maybe a little more like this?

Hope your week is good….Julie

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  1. 3 is the perfect number!

  2. Love the cad drawing! You are awesome! The pictures of your boys are precious. You can probably already hear Liam say “Mo-om!!” when you show him that hat picture when he’s 15! HA! Love it! Hugs!

  3. Your mum’s kitchen is beautiful! I love tiled counters and kind of wish we’d done one in our new kitchen, they remind me of little old Parisian apartment kitchens. So charming.

  4. your mom’s taste is fab! love that she’s been rocking that style for awhile now. also, are you moving??? the place needs work but i know that you’ll fix it right up. no concerns over here!


  5. I really love your mom’s bathroom sink! I have loved those sinks for years and would kill for one in my own home (once I buy my own home that is) — both you and your mom’s home’s have the same cottage style. So charming!

  6. I would LOVE to know what system you’re using for the “CAD” like drawing? It looks great. I’ve never mastered CAD either and need to either hire an asst that knows the app. or learn yours? Would really love the resource. Well, I probably need the asst that knows PhotoShop and CAD b/c I’m still trying to master the PS too!

    Also, another question….in your kitchen you have the Arabesque tile. My client yesterday just saw this tile somewhere and wants to know where to find it. I did find a source: Mission Tile….but wondered if you know of another, just to compare trade pricing. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day….I always enjoy your posts!

  7. Absolutely love your shelves and all the white. I would do the exact same thing if I had such wonderful shelves to display all of my favorites – maybe in my next house. I will add it to the “someday” list. :)

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