not afraid of the dark

You know white is my first love, but I gotta say I’m loving that we went a little dark in our new house.  Anisa had to hold my hand a bit, but I have no regrets.  It is true what they say about you will love the risks you take most of all.

We went dark in our entire master suite, molding and all (it is really a very dark green).

Here is how it looked when we bought it:





We knocked out the wall on the left to make the master bathroom bigger (and added french doors).  To the right was a bedroom.  We stole that room to make it our closet. (Yes, a total dream.  I’ve never had a walk-in closet like this).  We made our bedroom just a tad larger and had to move one of the windows.  The best part about renovating is you can customize anything you want (within budget, of course).  My dream would have been to remove these ’70s windows entirely, but windows are expensive, yo!  Instead, painting the window trim the wall color helps to camouflage their age a bit.  We measured our queen-sized bed and made the windows flank it perfectly.

(our outlets are now black, too, by the way…and our bed is in and it is partially decorated.  The light is vintage from a boutique in New York.)


Our bathroom is the same color, trim and all.  I went with white tile and a white tub and sink to brighten it up.

Again, not entirely decorated.  It takes time and money and I’m still getting a feel what what is supposed to go there.  If you listen close enough, the home will tell you :)

(these knobs are from anthro.  They have the best ones, in my opinion)


The boys approve of mama’s tub:


And what inspired me to go dark?  Not too sure–probably these designers:

Barbara Westbrook (especially her use of dark trim and dark shades–so elegant).  I think it would be such a different room with white moldings and light shades


You know, she worked for Nancy Braithwaite before she went out on her own.  I’m not surprised that I was also inspired by Ms. Westbrook’s former boss, too:




unnamed-12I know this was in Cottage Living forever ago (Braithwaite–her daughter’s Atlanta bungalow), but it will never be old to me.  It is elegant, calm, earthy, and I love the white bedding and white sink against the backdrop of the dark (our sink is in front of our window, too, thanks mostly in part to their design.)

I mixed polished nickel and antique brass in both rooms.  You can’t do black without some brass, thanks to Jenna Lyons in Domino

unnamed-36Here are a few more of the dark images that inspired me to go for it (with unknown sources.  Please tell me if you know designer/photographer/publication)

below:  note dark millwork, too:



Bungalow Classic can do no wrong:

the white accents and wood tones are a must when working with dark colors, in my humble opinion


love the simplicity here:



And Tom Scheerer can do nothing but beautiful:


I fell in love with this dark shop, too:


Speaking of shop, we will be introducing our new website (easier to navigate & well-orgainzed, and pretty!) and our online shop will be up-and-running soon.  Here is a peek at our logo:


by the way, Anisa’s home is under contract!  I can’t wait to share her renovating adventures….

Have a great weekend,





home for sale

Hi.  Anisa & her family are selling their home in Cumming, Georgia (north of Atlanta).  Just thought I’d share in case any of you are looking.

They have been renting it a while, so these pictures below are staging photos–some of the furniture belongs to the family who is renting and some of it is Anisa’s.  Contact jayciemirabella @ if you have any interest!


































Have a great Monday,





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